Tea Tree Gully Council Enterprise Agreement

13. April 2021 Aus Von admin

AG2002/4375, AG2002/4377 s.170TM Application of AME Medical Services t/as Western Diagnostic Pathology to renew the certified agreement; and s.170MD (6) Request for a Certified Derogatory Agreement re Western Diagnostic Pathology Couriers Agreement 2001 – Harrison SDP – 17 September AG2002/269-70 s.170XF Request from KT Pipeline Services Pty Ltd for determining the designated price for the certified agreement; and S.170LK KT Pipeline Services Vic Hub Gas Pipeline Project 170LK Agreement 2002 – O`Connor C – 18 September AG2002/5109 s.09 170 LJ is applying to Teekay Shipping (Australia) Pty Ltd for certification of the Re Teekay Australia (BHP Transport – Logistics) AMOU Seagoing Deck Officers Enterprise Agreement 2001 – Duncan SDP – 25. September C2002/4614 s.99 Notification of Litigation by Zoological Parks and Gardens Board of Victoria and ALHMWU – Victorian Branch re enterprise negotiations negotiationsgotiations – Tolley C – 23 September AG2002/3484 s.170LK Request from Fairfax Community Newspapers Pty Ltd for certification of the Fairfax Community News Clerical Department Employment Agreement – Raffaelli C – September 2 AG2002/4353 s.17 0LK Request from Egan Bros Plumbing and Building Services Pty Ltd for certification of the agreement of re Egan Bros Plumbing and Building Services Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement (Plumbers) 2002 – Williams SDP – September 25 To verify the copy of an official business agreement, please contact SAET Registry. AG2002/4908, AG2002/4910 s.170L. applications of Chubb Security Services Ltd and TWU for certification of the chubb Security Services Limited Armoured Vehicles and Flexible Crewing Nerang (Qld) Enterprise Agreement 2002; and Chubb Security Services Limited Armoured Vehicles and Flexible Crewing (Queensland) Enterprise Agreement 2002 – Larkin C – 18 September AG2002/2842 s.170LS Corporation of The City of Adelaide and others for certification of re Agreement corporation of The City of Adelaide, Recreation Business Enterprises Agreement No 3 – O`Callaghan SDP – 13 September AG2002/4887 s.170LK application by Insul-Safe Pty Ltd and AAA Cellulose Insulation Pty Ltd for certification of agreement re Employees – The Vacu-Maid Group (Insul-Safe Pty Ltd and AAA Cellulose Insulation Pty Ltd) Certified Agreement – Hodder C – 10. September AG2002/4207 s.170LL application from CFMEU and another application for certification of Greenfields agreement re National Gallery of Victoria Project Agreement La Lidi Group (Vic) Pty Ltd – Grainger C – 5 September AG2002/4760 s.170LJ application AWU and another for certification of the Salisbury City Agreement, AWU and Municipal Employees (Enterprise Bargaining) Agreement 5 -2002 – O`Callaghan SDP – 27 September An enterprise agreement sets out the terms of employment of workers covered by the agreement. It is negotiated through a premium security network to help employers and workers define working conditions that will support their needs. AG2002/3873 s.170LK-Antrag von Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Victoria) for certification of an agreement re Uniting Care Community Options Enterprise Agreement 2002 – Kaufman SDP – 18 September AG2002/3492 s.2 170MD (2) application under Warkworth Mining Ltd to vary agreement certified re Warkworth Mining Limited Business Improvement Certified Agreement 1999 – Marsh SDP – 2 September AG2002/4169 s.170LL Application of Brandon Industries Pty Ltd and another for certification of green agreement federation Square Productivity Agreement: Brandon Industries and CEPU – Ross VP – September 16 AG2002/4752 s.170LJ Application of Safe Fire Electrical Pty Ltd for Certification of Safe Fire Electrical P 2002 (Division 2) – O`Callaghan SDP – 2 27 September C200 2/4490 s.99 Notification of a dispute by the CpSU and the Department of Human Services has rectified the alleged failure to inform staff of changes to the procedures under Article 15 of the agreement – Gay C – 13. September AG2002/4897-8 s.170LK-Antr-ge von Beyfield Pty Ltd for certification of the east Coast Mechanical Services On-Site Construction Sheet Metal Employees Agreement 2002-2005 and East Coast Mechanical Services Plumber Agreement 200 2 -2005 – Hoffman C – September 20 AG2002 /4450 et al.170NA AMWU request – Vehicle Division for Conciliation regarding the agreement to negotiate the proposed certified agreement – under BP2002/2056 re AMWU-Vehic